7 must-have marketing tools for beauty salons

There are millions of dazzling minds and even more business ideas out there. To stand out one really needs something je ne sais quoi, or just a brilliant marketing strategy. Not to worry, we’re here to help! Have a look at these seven amazing marketing tools that we’ve lined up for you and make your salon business gleam.

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#7 Canva

Canva is a delightful alternative to Photoshop, it’s completely free and so easy to use. It has a drag-and-drop feature for all its beautiful layouts, millions of images, much loved photo filters, icons, shapes and fonts so you can customize your designs.

We’re all constantly on the move and Canva gives you the freedom to access and operate it from any device. It’s not a program you need to install on your mac or PC, rather a mobile dashboard to use for your salons benefit.

Apart from some of the background images and elements which cost about 1USD, it’s completely free. Just post amazing stuff all over social media, create stunning post cards, A4 design, invitations you name it. Keep in mind though that it works best with Google Chrome.

? Websitehttp://about.canva.com

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#6 VWO

Dominant part of marketing is to get visitors on your website. It’s also important to get those visitors to do what you want them to (buy, join newsletters, book appointments etc). For that you need to create an atmosphere that supports their choices: the right banner, color of the “book here” button and so on.

VWO is a testing software that can lend you a helping hand in finding all that out. You can create an alternative website with altered features and run both of these for a period of time. Which ever version gets more sales, online bookings, visits etc wins. You can experiment as much as you please until you have your perfect website. Et voila!

? Website: https://vwo.com

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#5 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular easy-and-free-to-use analytics software. It’s main and very meritorious feature is a statistical overview of the website’s audience and its traffic. You can learn about their geographical location, how long visitors spend on the website, how they found you (search engine or social media platform) and it shows peak time of all visits, so you can plan your posts accordingly.

If a salon also adds its goals (like “new booking” or “signed up for the newsletter”) to the software its possible to see which advertising channels are most efficient. How Google Analytics works is after signing up, a code link is sent via email which can then be added to the salons webpage. Luckily majority of webpage softwares already come with necessary plugins, so no need for the code link to be added separately.

For tutorials have a look on Youtube, there’s a vast number of very informative ones available. If your salon’s website doesn’t have Google Analytics integrated yet, it definitely should.

? Website: http://analytics.google.com

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#4 BitLy

Bitly is a clever URL shortener and link management platform that is simple to use and also gets you the crucially necessary statistics for marketing purposes, i.e number of clicks, where the clicks came from etc. This kind of modus operandi lets you learn what sort of advertising works best for your business.

Originally developed for Twitter Bitly’s genial essence means that you can make the unnecessarily long links much shorter and use them on social media for quick correspondence.

Although it’s recommended to create an account, it’s not mandatory. Note that Bitly will fully benefit your business when you do, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the “insight into the connected world” as they put it themselves.

? Website: http://bit.ly

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#3 MailChimp

Email marketing is continuously the most popular kind of marketing and it works exceedingly well. With MailChimp you can send out your monthly newsletters to a significantly vast auditorium all at once. It’s great for sale offers, introducing new products and services, advertising new blog posts or articles, send holiday greetings, create targeted campaigns, automate products follow-ups etc.

It’s super easy to shape designed campaigns all by yourself and get support from statistics to grow your business based on the results. MailChimp is also integrated with hundreds of apps you most probably already use, i.e Google, Twitter, Facebook, SurveyMonkey.

MailChimp is free to use when you have up to 2000 recipients and has a varying price plan depending on the total amount of subscribers.

How to get people’s emails you ask? Have a look below as we introduce the next tool.

? Website: http://mailchimp.com

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#2 GetSiteControl

This one is like a Swiss army knife where you have loads of good widgets in one single program. On this occasion we’re going to talk specifically about GetSiteControl’s “subscribe widget”. The feature offers a subscribe form that allows your website visitors to sign up for the newsletter and then sends the emails automatically to your MailChimp list.

Subscribe widget lets you target your visitors (country, device, new or returning status, traffic source etc). You can also choose the layout and coloring of the widgets to match your website and create customized messages to subscribers. How great is all that?

Additionally GetSiteControl offers contact forms, inquiries, live chats, social media sharing tools and so much more. Especially amazing is the exit-intent pop up. Only when a visitor is leaving the website a pop up will appear (“join our newsletter” for instance). And it’s all completely free to use.

? Website: http://getsitecontrol.com

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#1 SalonLife

Yes, this is our own software, but you know that it’s a wild wild west out there and time is precious to everyone. Online booking system salon.life is pretty much like having a virtual receptionist who’s always there to assist: book in beauty appointments day and night, send out text and email reminders to clients and manage your salons online booking calendar.

Our bold opinion is after adding “book now” to your website you’ll probably receive a high number of new clients. Statistics show that beauticians spend 30-45 minutes per day just to correspond with their clients, book in or amend their appointments. salon.life helps to save that time for actual work! How? Well clients can book their own appointments online whenever and wherever.

It only takes couple of minutes to sign up. Plus there’s no risk in trying it out for a free 14 day trial. Hey, it’s not even risky to try it after the free trial for another 100 days! And if it really isn’t for you (we doubt that though) you’ll get your money back