Cheeky cheatsheet to help you post on Facebook for a whole month

Facebook is still the mighty lord of social media. Although, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc have established a considerable role next to it. Your salon’s brand needs constant attention and Facebook offers a great platform to provide it. We’ve compiled a 31-day cheatsheet for you so you can have an idea of what to post on Facebook to market your salon at it’s best.

When posting on Facebook keep in mind that the best time to do so varies. Start off with posting between 11am to 4pm and just go ahead from there and see what works best for your salon. Bear in mind that more people tend to check on their Facebook when it draws closer to weekend. So Thursdays and Fridays would be amazing and Saturday noon, of course. It’s advisable to do it maximum twice per day and use words like „limited time“, „exclusive“, „today“ to reach your contacts top stories list as these phrases get the attention of EdgeRank technology that Facebook uses.

The biggest fail is posting only or too many promotional „sale ads“, i.e book your appointment, buy this, like our page, share this post, come to our salon etc. Instead you should be offering your readers more merit in your posts like entertainment, advice, interesting articles, fun and humor and something that creates personal touch.

Before posting always ask yourself if it’s interesting, enticing, practical, informative or helping people to connect with yourself and your brand. Don’t forget to check analytics to see what works well and what not so much.

So, without further ado, here’s the 31-day (FREE!) cheatsheet with a different posting idea for every day in a month. Ready, steady… go!


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“Show your expertise”

As a beauty expert and a salon owner your knowledge must be fascinatingly extensive and  surely you would love to share some of it with your clients. Post a tip about something useful yet interesting.


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“Post an attractive picture of your salon”

„Curiouser and curiouser!“ cried Alice.. well she was absolutely right. People are curious and a pretty picture of your salon tickles their interest without a doubt.


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“Introduce your newest employee”

Make your salon have a friendly face(s). Next to your own face, of course.


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“Share your story or something personal”

Tell your audience how you became who you are. People find these stories very inspirational and it helps to build a personal connection.


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“Post something seasonal”

It’s Autumn? Post a cute pumpkin picture that you just retrieved from a local farmers market. It’s Spring? A cherry blossom at your garden or a community park would be just so pretty!


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“Answer a question”

Let your followers ask you questions (doesn’t matter if professional or personal) and answer them best you can! This makes you approachable and helps to build a better connection.


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“Share some inspiration”

Post a motivational quote or an encouraging saying. It has this timeless charm to it and makes you more relatable to your clients. And who knows – maybe it even motivates someone!


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“Correct a common misconception that relates to your industry”

This way you can build your expert status.


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“Invite people to join your mailing list or to book appointments in your salon”

Create a cute meme with a specific call. You might as well be reminding someone who was „asleep“ to take action.

DAY 10

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“Humor people with posting something funny”

People love to laugh. Wise humans even say it prolongs one’s life, so go on, post something widely amusing.

DAY 11

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“Open a discussion on something that has recently been talked about in beauty industry”

There are always hot topics to discuss, good or bad products to compare and treatments to introduce.

DAY 12

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“Share clients positive feedback”

Wag your tail! Share all the divine testimonials.

DAY 13

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“Promote your website or a specific tool on it”

Some of your clients might not have been on your website for a while. So invite them back. Remind them about an amazing tool you have integrat- ed, like an online booking feature.

DAY 14

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“Post a travel picture”

Everyone loves to travel or at least dreams about traveling. Ask about their dream destinations.

DAY 15

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“Post a video”

Maybe something like “a day in our salon”. A little sneak peak into what you do there day after day. As mentioned before – people are very curious!

DAY 16

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“Before and after treatment picture”

This always works as you can see the results straight away. Boom!

DAY 17

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“Behind the scenes image”

Something that people tend to love is openness. Post a picture of some- thing that you normally wouldn’t, like cleaning the tools, preparing for an upcoming treatment, someone doing yoga in the staff area etc.

DAY 18

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“Shout-out to a competitor”

It’s just so very polite to acknowledge your competitors and their hard work.

DAY 19

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“What should one eat?!”

Some foods are better than others for your skin, nails, hair and lashes. In- troduce them.

DAY 20

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“A great offer”

Who wouldn’t love a nice discount! Do a 50% off on all treatments day or 2 for 1 for all salon products. Get creative!

DAY 21

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“Share your favorite tips”

People love to see you as a human being, so build a personal connection with your clients. One of the great ways to do so is to share your favorite style tips with your audience. Let them know how you do it.

DAY 22

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“Share your favorite things”

They’re not only interested in your professional advice, your followers would love to know about your most loved films, restaurants, brands and books. Tell them!

DAY 23

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“Share great social media”

Post about amazing social media accounts that you follow or just admire.

DAY 24

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“Say thank you”

Saying thank you to your colleagues, clients and supporters is so import- ant. It’s as important as saying please.

DAY 25

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“Open a chat for current trends”

The beauty industry evolves so fast that you have to keep up yourself and keep your clients up to speed with the latest news and developments.

DAY 26

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“Post a short interview with a client”

Here you can make your clients feel even more important than they already are. Post a short video (maybe couple of minutes) about one of your de- lightful clients.

DAY 27

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“Share someone else’s content”

Repost something that has caught your eye and interest. Show that you also value the opinion of others.

DAY 28

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“Throwback Thursday”

Good old Throwback Thursday. Everyone is a little bit nostalgic. Lets in- dulge in it!

DAY 29

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“Customer (or an employee) of the month”

Works both ways.

DAY 30

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“Capture this photo” game is always a hit. You can post funny pics of your employees or known people from the internet. You choose.

DAY 31

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“Create a poll”

People love polls. Plus you can find out important info this way too. Like which hair product they like the most or if your clients would be interested in coming to a big celebration you are thinking of throwing in their honor.