Salon Life Features

The most convenient online booking calendar to manage appointments and employees.

From now on you can forget your salon appointment book. With Salon Life, you can manage your beauty salon with just a couple of clicks from your phone or a computer. With Salon Life appointment booking system you can manage your salon appointments, work schedule, clients and have a complete overview of your beauty salon.

  • Adding appointments or breaks with just one click
  • Dag-and-drop function to manage your work schedule.
  • Copy and paste salon appointments or work schedules.
  • Pause or remove your hair salon appointments.
  • A complete overview of your spa or hair salon.
  • Free online scheduling calendar integration with Google Calendar.

Complete salon booking & clientele overview

Salon Life online booking system gives you a complete overview of the service, client data and their previous beauty salon appointments.

  • See how many days since the last appointment.
  • Add services, products, prices or even discounts.
  • A complete overview of your clientele history and preferences.
  • Markdown clients who have forgotten appointments or are always late.
  • An online appointment booking system provides you with notes about clients and appointments.
  • Send invoices to clients in just one click.

The appointment management system is the heart of your salon

Salon Life is built in such a way, that neither you nor your employees have to change your work habits. You set the rules and Salon Life salon management software adjusts to you and your salon.

  • Our appointment scheduling software allows every employee to manage their own calendar and work schedule.
  • Every employee can have their own services.
  • Unique pricing and service duration for every employee.
  • Our salon management system allows you to set your own notifications.
  • Our hair salon management software gives you an in-depth salon overview.
  • Having unique products for employees makes our beauty parlour management system unique.

The best salon software with email & SMS notifications

Salon Life salon software will guarantee that your clients are always on time. You can select which notifications you want to send. That's why Salon Life is the best salon software to reduce no-shows.

  • Send clients notifications about salon appointments.
  • Notify clients before they have an appointment.
  • Thank the client after the visit and ask for a review.
  • You can send notifications via email & SMS.
  • You can write the notifications yourself.
  • Send birthday reminders with our hair salon software.
  • Send discount offers during birthdays.
  • Automatically notify employees if an appointment has been canceled.
  • Our salon calendar booking system lets send notifications to clients who have not booked an appointment for a long time.
  • Send notifications to clients who have not booked an appointment for an extended period of time.

Salon software integrations & marketing

Every salon needs to generate revenue and increase their performance. Salon Life lets you market your beauty salon to the right people and reach them through the right marketing channel.

  • Advertise to people who have already visited your beauty or hair salon.
  • Send emails to clients who have not scheduled an appointment in a long time.
  • Measure advertising costs and it’s effectiveness.
  • Connect your free salon booking calendar software with Google Analytics.
  • See which advertising channel works for you the best.
  • Synchronize your salon CRM software with MailChimp.
  • Create discount campaigns to get more clients.
  • Integrate your salon appointment scheduler with Facebook.
  • Send newsletters to your clients through MailChimp.

Salon inventory management software features

Salon Life product catalog lets you know if and when you will run out of certain products and keep account of how much you have left in your inventory.

  • Create a list of products you use yourself and sell.
  • Add a purchase & a selling price to every product.
  • Sort products by name, brand, and categories.
  • Set which employee has access to certain products.
  • See how many products each employee uses or sells.
  • Our salon inventory system lets you set whether a product is meant for internal use or to be sold.

Best appointment scheduling software

Let your customers schedule appointments with a state of the art free online booking system for salons. You set the times when you are available. Trust us, your clients will appreciate this and in addition, you will save countless hours every month.

  • Your salon does not need its own website.
  • You can easily add our online appointment booking calendar to your website.
  • Online calendar scheduling tool can be added to Facebook & Instagram.
  • You set when you will notify customers about their appointments.
  • You choose how long in advance can an appointment be set.

An overview & reports

Do you want to see your beauty salon's annual revenue, how many appointments you had last week, or how many hours employees worked during this month? Now you don’t have to speculate or create spreadsheets because in our salon and spa software everything can be seen instantly. In-depth statistics and compact tables with beautifully designed graphs will give you an overview of your employees, services and your beauty salon as a whole.

  • You decide which employee has access to which information.
  • See the number of appointments, revenue, and hours worked.
  • Filter between employees, services, categories, and time periods.
  • See the graphs that illustrate how your salon is growing.
  • Tables where you can have a birds-eye-view of your salon.
  • Automatically calculate an average hourly wage.

Import & export

Upload your phone contacts into Salon Life instantly or import them from some other salon CRM. At any time you are able to export all of your client's information into a spreadsheet.

Salon locations

Salon Life can be used by beauty salons of any size. Whether you work alone or with ten people or you operate in ten cities. Our salon booking software offers you all the necessary options to make your salon life more convenient.

Automatic invoices

Built-in salon accounting software creates a PDF invoice with every scheduled appointment. You choose whether you send it to clients or not. You can easily print it or send to your client's email. And of course, every employee can add their own company & taxation information to the invoice.

Employee access

We know how important is privacy and security. You have 100% control over what your employees can see and do inside beauty salon management software. You can set limitations & access rights for every employee separately.