How to improve customer satisfaction at your salon

Once you have your salon up and running and customers are starting to pour in, next step to take is to keep them coming. And not just keep them coming, but make them love their weekly or monthly (or even daily) visits so they could eventually become voluntary ambassadors for your brand. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

It’s no surprise that first impressions are what you build your business on. It’s rather difficult (even plain impossible) to shake off a negative impression. So, as a forward thinking and looking business owner, strategize and move towards a “always a happy and satisfied customer” road.

To help get you started we have some great advice on what you could do to achieve all of it. Here’s a selection of ideas, so go on, read through them and possibly make couple of these work for your business.


As said earlier first impressions are the ones that count. In order to achieve 100% in customer satisfaction (receiving a warm, pleasant welcome and amazing service) you should invest in great staff and keep them constantly motivated and happy. Trust me, it will benefit your business. As Richard Branson has so wisely said: “If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers.”

Good and personal service means learning customers names (!) and their habits, i.e if they prefer coffee, tea or juice, if they like to chat or rest during their treatment etc. Keep track of which products you used on them on their previous visits and how they liked the results.

Walk the extra mile: think of something extraordinary and make them feel delighted. Listen to them and keep mental or literal notes to get information you could use to make their visits even more memorable. And don’t forget – always smile! With a smile you can even dissolve a situation gone bad if necessary.


A great modern salon should always have a list of “default” bits and bobs at hand. Such as a beautifully framed, possibly hand painted and/or decorated wifi password and a very useful multi charger for all kinds of smart phones. Why not a guestbook where customers could write marvellous things about their visits, couple pairs of slippers for the use of customers during their treatment and a myriad of beauty magazines and pretty books with inspirational pictures (architecture, photography, art etc).

You could invest in an iPad for guests who’ve forgotten their phone at home and need to look something up. You could use it also as a marketing tool and add some branded pictures of your work and salon. Or upload a questionnaire for customers to fill in whilst they’re waiting.

Maybe even some natural remedies for pain relief such as willow bark tea; ginger, turmeric and basil mixture and cherries! We all like to play a little bit, so your salon could boast a fun games section with good old Alias, Tic Tac Toe, Jenga and maybe even have a painted Twister on the floor in the corner. Great for kids! Or even for the partners who are waiting. And don’t forget to organize the (free) parking.


The way the salon looks matters. Think your décor through and consult with a professional for superb results. A comfy sofa and chairs are a must as customers nearly always have to wait, even for for a small period of time. Have nice plants and flowers around. Some of them are actually very useful to cleanse the air and sooth anxiety.

A brilliant addition to your salon is a “help yourself station” with complimentary coffee, tea, healthy juices, water and morning muffins, scones and such. Biscuits even, or candy? Another thing to think of is an affiliate flyer station with local businesses discount flyers such as the gym, cafe across the street, museum, food store etc. It doesn’t have to be anything big and flashy, but rather a small and well designed platform that could also benefit your overall décor.

But that’s not all folks! The best is yet to come. What about a selfie station? We all know how much people love to photograph themselves, so why not give them a custom made branded selfie frame or station where they could take photos and tag your salon at the same time. From here onwards – you could hang a customer of a month picture on your wall. And an employee of the month while you’re at it.

Something that always works is an inspirational and/or funny quote of the day that you could write on a fancy chalk board. Or a small poem even? It really doesn’t have to be a new one every single day. Just go with the flow and do it once a week even.


Show your customers how much you love and appreciate them. Present them a muesli bar after treatment, a free massage on their next visit or by all means – bake a cake! Let your fantasy flow. Random acts of sweetness are just phenomenal!

Why not give out fancy t-shirts, pretty scarves or other accessories with your branded logo on them. You could even personalize these items and print customers names on them.